4 Things we wouldn’t recommend using our Knife for – though some customers have!



We may have a versatile knife – some would say ‘the perfect tool in the kitchen’ (*cough* points to self). Yet some customers have found them to be useful in other ways.*

1. Cutting blinds to size

That’s right, rather than attempting this with a small hack saw, this customer decided to make use of our Forever Sharp blade when left with no other option.  We received an email explaining how useful the serrated knife was, cutting straight through the plastic with no qualms. They were so impressed, they just had to tell us.

2. Woodwork

Look how many tools there are available when it comes to carpentry… Loads! So why one of our beloved customers decided to use the World’s Sharpest Knife is beyond us.

Upon opening one of our return parcels, we received an accompanying letter explaining they would like a replacement. Using the knife so often in their shed, they required a new one with a sharper knife edge. Our Lifetime Guarantee states ‘we will replace any damaged product, even if it’s your own fault…’ – we weren’t expecting to hear a reason like this though!

3. Gardening

Honestly, we do not recommend this. When it comes to trimming bushes, knives should be kept well clear!  One of our customers decided it was functional enough to use as a hedge trimmer, so that’s what they did. Keeping their garden in check is clearly a top priority.


4. A Can Opener

Nope. Nope. Nope. Just don’t do it!  Most cans have handy little ring pulls nowadays, so there shouldn’t be any reason to use our knife like this. Yet, in the past, we’ve been told it was all they had available.

Being hangry (angry due to the feeling of hunger), with a can of unattainable soup, was not a good combination for this customer. It sounds messy and not worth the risk, so please DO NOT TRY THIS!


*Our knives should only be used for the purpose they are created for – which is food preparation. Please take extreme caution when using sharp blades!!


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