Meet the Team

Michael Regan

Director of European Operations

Since 2011 Michael has taken the UK and European Operation by the scruff and returned this company where it needs to be. Re-energising old accounts, bringing in a professionalism and liaising with new clients to push TT forward. Michael started as one of the demonstrators and has built his way up through the company with impressive results. Michael enjoys watching LCFC at the weekends or spending time out at his tranquil family home in Co Galway Ireland.

Chris White

Client Account Manager

Chris is our longest serving Office Professional. He has been with the company for what seems like forever. He’s grown so much knowledge about the business and is an integral part to the way we work. On a daily basis he is communicating with Store Managers and our Reps, to create the best possible sales outcome we can achieve throughout the week.

Russell White

Warehouse Supervisor

From the start of 2009 Russell is the second longest serving in the office. Making his way through the company he has learnt how to deal with many different types of tasks and people. His creative side has helped improve the way TT Trading represents itself. Improving products and creating displays for our instore demonstrations. He deals with the imports and exports of day to day stock and helps keep the Reps selling. Russell is a keen musician and artist, he enjoys drumming, spending time with family, and supports Liverpool FC.

Callum Francis

Business Development Officer

From a young 20 something finding his place in the company, to becoming a well-established professional businessman within TT Trading. Callum has found himself with a great opportunity moving forward. He’s done this by working in all aspects of the company - from warehousing, demonstrating, training, recruiting and dealing with the development of our Demonstration team.

Joanna Regan

Administration Assistant

Being the mum of the office, Joanna’s role is very important. She deals with customers on a daily basis, helping them with any issues or queries they may have. Coordinating very closely with our demonstrators; placing orders, booking flights and hotels. Joanna also deals with recruitment and brings in any new Reps we have throughout the country.

Conor Regan

Administration Assistant

Towards the end of 2016 TT Trading brought in another Regan… Conor has just started an apprenticeship and is learning very quickly. Answering the phones, dealing with couriers and helping with the day to day office tasks.

Chris Martin

Warehouse Chris

Chris helps with running the day to day tasks of the warehouse. Since he started in 2016 the improvements with the way we operate logistically have been impressive. He will brainstorm ways to expand the layout space and general operations. Creating better and quicker ways to work. Chris has heard all of the Coldplay jokes there is, so we won't be making his day Yellow with any bad puns...



Noodle is the original Office dog. Always following Jo, loves to play fetch and will come to say hello when you get in the office.



Norris is a young excitable chap. He loves to bark hello; at the office staff, the postman, delivery drivers, even the wind. Sometimes he's a bully to Noodle, but she will always get her way in the end.

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